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Ask the Asp #1 November 3, 2009

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I look all over the Internet, and I find a lot of people who need some help playing their graphic adventure games.  Fortunately, this is where I come in.

And now, I’ma start a brand new monthly feature on this blog called:


Episode 1: Don’t… open… that… door!  …I mean, don’t leave that door open!

Are you currently playing a graphic adventure game that has the “Open” and “Close” commands, you know, for opening and closing doors, respectively?

(Well, since no one is telling me “no” right now, I’ll assume you mean “yes”, so…)

Well, if you open the door, and then enter the room the door leads to, try closing the door once in a while.  In some cases, you might find a cool secret, and in others, you could find an item that you’ve been desperately looking for.  This could come in handy in games such as Day of the Tentacle – speaking of which, LucasArts, when are you gonna start selling that game again?

And by the way, gamers, you’re welcome. (Now where’s my “thank you”?)

Also, on a lighter note, LOL Sam and Max has been updated!  Go to to see it, if you please.


Bad Asp has his own blog October 27, 2009

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Remember me, Mojoers?  Remember Bad Asp?  From the Mojo forums?  The “Nutcase” who wanted Freelance Police uncancelled?  And also wanted Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson to reprise their roles as Sam and Max?

Well, I’ve got my own blog now, hence the title of this post: “Bad Asp has his own blog”.  Duh.

I am a HUGE Sam and Max fan, obviously.  Check out two of my Sam-and-Max-related sites, “LOL Sam and Max” ( ), and “The Big Screw” ( ).  Each site represents one of my two moods, the former for my love of both Sam and Max Hit the Road and “I Can Has Cheezburger?” (that popular site with all the cats), and the latter for my unending wish to hear the original voices of Sam and Max again.

Now that that’s out of the way, I would like to make a request.

I’m currently thinking of interviewing both Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson, the original voices of Sam and Max, sometime before the end of the year.  Why?  Because Dominic Armato has been interviewed like a million times this year, and I think it’s time two other LucasArts voice actors got interviewed for a change!  (Oh, and by the way, fanbois of the new voices out there… the two abovementioned actors ARE talented, so stop telling me otherwise.)

Want to ask either (or both) actors a question (or more than one question)?  Simply send it to my e-mail address at…

…with “Sam and Max Voice Actor Interview” in the subject line!  Any question you want, whether it’s about Sam and Max, or it isn’t!  Keep in mind that I might not get to ask them all the questions you send me (assuming you actually send me any).  I may even throw in a few of my own!

(Psst… I’ll let you in on a little secret… November 14 is also Bill Farmer’s birthday, so you might want to send the Disney Legend some birthday wishes, okay?  As for Nick, well, I don’t know when his birthday is…)

Anyway, got to go!  Watch this space from time to time for updates!