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LeChuck's Makeover December 7, 2009

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Oh my gosh… I keep seeing all these articles on the Internet about this, and, true to my nature, I’m gonna start talking about it.

Okay, so word on the street is that LeChuck’s dialogue from the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island has been re-recorded by Earl Boen, the original actor, right?

Well, I’ve been thinking (and yes, I actually WAS thinking at the time), that Telltale should allow Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson to do the same thing with Sam and Max in Special Editions of all eleven of their Sam and Max episodes.

You updated a villain’s voice, Telltale, you should update the voices of two heroes!  Or, antiheroes… or… WHATEVER!  All I’m saying is update their voices, okay?  It’s been four years!