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Could this finally be true? November 23, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — badasp @ 7:03 am

According to this post, employees from Telltale are “holding the actors from Hit the Road hostage”:

But for what, exactly?  A new Sam and Max series?  A remake of an existing Sam and Max series?  Or are they just holding them hostage?  Or are they in reality not holding them hostage and only saying they’re holding them hostage just to mess with people’s heads?

This could be an interesting new development in the ongoing Sam and Max saga!


3 Responses to “Could this finally be true?”

  1. Rum Rogers Says:

    Threaten’em! Threaten’em! Be the good old nutcase we wanna see

    • BadAsp Says:

      Um, okay, here goes…

      Telltale, just in case this “truth” turns out to be a lie, I will have a looooooooooong talk with you later.

      Okay. Satisfied, people?

  2. Rum Rogers Says:

    Ahah, yeah, definitely!

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