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Could this finally be true? November 23, 2009

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According to this post, employees from Telltale are “holding the actors from Hit the Road hostage”:

But for what, exactly?  A new Sam and Max series?  A remake of an existing Sam and Max series?  Or are they just holding them hostage?  Or are they in reality not holding them hostage and only saying they’re holding them hostage just to mess with people’s heads?

This could be an interesting new development in the ongoing Sam and Max saga!


Give us more gold to get more green November 17, 2009

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Okay, yours truly has bought a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii on Sunday.

Look closely at the box cover, people.

Notice that the side cover is red, instead of white, which is usually the color of the boxes that Wii games come in?

Well, if you’ve purchased any Wii game that LucasArts made (say, for instance, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings), you’ll notice that the side cover is gold instead of white.  Perhaps that’s the strategy LucasArts used to make its games stand out from the others.

Well, LucasArts, I hope you’re reading this, so here’s my request:

If you port any of your graphic adventure games to the Wii (like, Sam and Max Hit the Road, please, pretty please?), then make the side covers of the boxes gold as well.  Or a different color, like, I don’t know, green, or purple.  That way, a lot of people will buy them!

Just sayin’.


Ask the Asp #1 November 3, 2009

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I look all over the Internet, and I find a lot of people who need some help playing their graphic adventure games.  Fortunately, this is where I come in.

And now, I’ma start a brand new monthly feature on this blog called:


Episode 1: Don’t… open… that… door!  …I mean, don’t leave that door open!

Are you currently playing a graphic adventure game that has the “Open” and “Close” commands, you know, for opening and closing doors, respectively?

(Well, since no one is telling me “no” right now, I’ll assume you mean “yes”, so…)

Well, if you open the door, and then enter the room the door leads to, try closing the door once in a while.  In some cases, you might find a cool secret, and in others, you could find an item that you’ve been desperately looking for.  This could come in handy in games such as Day of the Tentacle – speaking of which, LucasArts, when are you gonna start selling that game again?

And by the way, gamers, you’re welcome. (Now where’s my “thank you”?)

Also, on a lighter note, LOL Sam and Max has been updated!  Go to to see it, if you please.