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To anyone at Telltale reading this… March 19, 2010

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I would like to say something.

If you thought I did or said anything to offend any of you people who work there, I truly apologize from the bottom of my heart. I have not been, nor intend to be, a malicious person by nature.


After looking at the trailer for Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, I have decided to boycott your game. I’m afraid I do not feel comfortable with the new voices you gave the characters, and I would appreciate it if you rehired both Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson and allowed them to reprise their roles as Sam and Max once again. This is the only way the boycott will end. I really want to buy The Devil’s Playhouse, and I believe this is the only way.

I hope you will find it in your heart to understand.


It was bad enough when LucasArts cancelled Freelance Police… March 1, 2010

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Now this?

What did the land of Daventry and its inhabitants ever do to you, Activision?


Everyone uses YouTube, including Asps January 28, 2010

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Before any of you people tell me the voices in the episodic series are better than the original ones, you’d better take a look at this video:

Maybe then you’ll finally believe me…


Time for Bad Asp to start takin' action January 5, 2010

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Okay, I’m officially gonna get off my slithery green tail and amp up my “Save The Original Voices Of Sam And Max” campaign.  For starters, I’m gonna go print out, like, one hundred flyers, and then, you know what I’m gonna do?  I’m gonna start posting them like, EVERYWHERE (okay, not really everywhere, but I like saying that for dramatic effect).  The local comic book store and the local GameStop are good places to start.



LeChuck's Makeover December 7, 2009

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Oh my gosh… I keep seeing all these articles on the Internet about this, and, true to my nature, I’m gonna start talking about it.

Okay, so word on the street is that LeChuck’s dialogue from the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island has been re-recorded by Earl Boen, the original actor, right?

Well, I’ve been thinking (and yes, I actually WAS thinking at the time), that Telltale should allow Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson to do the same thing with Sam and Max in Special Editions of all eleven of their Sam and Max episodes.

You updated a villain’s voice, Telltale, you should update the voices of two heroes!  Or, antiheroes… or… WHATEVER!  All I’m saying is update their voices, okay?  It’s been four years!


Could this finally be true? November 23, 2009

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According to this post, employees from Telltale are “holding the actors from Hit the Road hostage”:

But for what, exactly?  A new Sam and Max series?  A remake of an existing Sam and Max series?  Or are they just holding them hostage?  Or are they in reality not holding them hostage and only saying they’re holding them hostage just to mess with people’s heads?

This could be an interesting new development in the ongoing Sam and Max saga!


Give us more gold to get more green November 17, 2009

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Okay, yours truly has bought a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii on Sunday.

Look closely at the box cover, people.

Notice that the side cover is red, instead of white, which is usually the color of the boxes that Wii games come in?

Well, if you’ve purchased any Wii game that LucasArts made (say, for instance, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings), you’ll notice that the side cover is gold instead of white.  Perhaps that’s the strategy LucasArts used to make its games stand out from the others.

Well, LucasArts, I hope you’re reading this, so here’s my request:

If you port any of your graphic adventure games to the Wii (like, Sam and Max Hit the Road, please, pretty please?), then make the side covers of the boxes gold as well.  Or a different color, like, I don’t know, green, or purple.  That way, a lot of people will buy them!

Just sayin’.